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Tell Us Your Story - Now is the Time

The Sergeant Bluff Historical Museum would enjoy hearing or reading your life story.  Everyone from Sergeant Bluff  has a story and it is your legacy.  Your past is as unique as a fingerprint.  All of us have collected moments in time that are exclusively our own.

How to Document Your Story

We have topics that will help you to remember those distinctive moments.  Your life spans decades.  Each decade or year brought about changes in your world.  That is what arouses the interest of those of us who never lived during those times.

Here are a list of categories for you to pick four and help write your story.  If you want help, let us know at the museum and we will meet with you and scribe your story as you tell it.

Hurdles and Heartbreaks              Military Service          Appliances and Gadgets

Vehicles & Transportation             Family Life                  Homes

Firsts                                           Travel                         Creative Expression

Sports                                         Hobbies                      Friendships

Retirement                                   Work                          Love & Marriage

Turning 21                                  Education                    My Daily Routine

Likes & Dislikes                            Pets                            Values & Beliefs

Childhood                                   Volunteering               Organizations

Contact the Museum and we will gladly give you copies of four categories you woul dlie to share as YOUR STORY.  We will give you pages to write on that have a good description of each category.  You can contact Diane Woodford for more information - 943-5961

Your Story can be archieved at the museum for future generations to read and understand your life and times.  You can come in on Saturdays 9am to 1pm and we can help you get started.