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Tell Us Your Story - Now is the Time

The Sergeant Bluff Historical Museum would like you to share your life story.  Everyone from Sergeant Bluff  has a unique story.                                      .

How to Document Your Story

Your story can be documented by simply writing it or using one of the available forms.

Below is a list of topics you may want to use to help write your story.

Hurdles and Heartbreaks              Military Service          Appliances and Gadgets

Vehicles & Transportation             Family Life                  Homes                          

Firsts                                           Travel                         Creative Expression      

Sports                                         Hobbies                      Friendships                 

Retirement                                   Work                          Love & Marriage         

Turning 21                                  Education                    My Daily Routine         

Likes & Dislikes                            Pets                            Values & Beliefs           

Childhood                                   Volunteering               Organizations              


Your Story will be placed in a family file located at the museum for future generations to read. 

If you have any questions, contact Diane Woodford - 943-5961

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